Barrie Bookkeeping and Payroll Solutions offer a full range of bookkeeping services to ease the burden of accounting, and let you, the business owner, concentrate your time on developing & growing your business. Too many small businesses assume they have to pay the high prices that Chartered Accountants charge, and also have to wait for up to 6 months before their tax bill is calculated. We aim to complete all returns within 2 months.

Our practice will take care of all your bookkeeping needs, including:

  • Monthly accounts
  • Annual figures
  • VAT returns
  • Self-assessments
  • Payroll
  • Full submissions to Company’s House
  • All communication with the Inland Revenue on your behalf & more

Barrie Bookkeeping & Payroll Solutions Ltd will take care of all your VAT registration needs, process your VAT calculation and also submit your return online. We also make sure that you are at the proper rate of VAT, depending on the goods or services that your business provides. Advice is also on hand as to whether your company will benefit from being VAT registered.

BBPS aim to help and ease the stress of completing your annual tax return, on time, every time. Some people are unsure if they have to complete a self-assessment return. Below is a brief outline to help you decide if you need to complete a tax return.

The most common reasons for needing to fill in a tax return are listed below. If HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) asks you to complete a tax return for any other reason (this will normally to be to make sure that you’re paying the right tax and getting the right allowances) you must always do so.

You must complete a return if you’re any of the following:

  • a company director (unless you’re a director of a non-profit organisation, for example, a charity, and don’t receive any payments or benefits)
  • £10,000 or more income from savings and investments
  • £2,500 or more income from untaxed savings and investments
  • £10,000 or more income from property (before deducting allowable expenses)
  • £2,500 or more income from property (after deducting allowable expenses)
  • income from the estate of a deceased person on which tax is still due.




Outsourcing your payroll is simple and cost-effective with our payroll bureau and managed payroll outsourcing services. Quick to implement, easy to use and totally risk-free – why wouldn’t you switch to a solution you can trust?




We aim to take away the frustration and hassle of you managing your accounts and paperwork, whether processing receipts or doing HMRC Returns we can help.


Self Assessment

At BBPS we remove the hassle and worry of completing your self-assessment with our Tax Return service. Our HMRC accreditated software electronically reports and keeps you compliant.

Auto Enrolment

Employers are failing to understand key aspects of their automatic enrollment duties, according to the Pension Regulator’s most recent published compliance.  Are you prepared?  Do you know what actions you need to take for auto-enrolment?


VAT Returns

Your VAT Return getting on top of you?  Impacting the normal work or running your business? If either please get in touch.


Business Start Up

BBPS aim to assist new start companies & individuals, get firmly established in the marketplace, by giving them impartially, professional advice about all aspects of business




You can contact us here for further information or assistance.