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Personal Assistant - Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3

Job Vacancy

  • Job title: Personal Assistant (PA)
  • Reporting to: The Employer
  • Location: Finchfield, Wolverhampton WV3

Job Purpose:

To assist with a variety of tasks which will enable & assist the person who needs care and support to live their personal and social life according to their wishes and interests.

This role involves overnight support.

About the employer

Our client is a 20-year-old female living in the Finchfield area of Wolverhampton who has Autism, severe learning difficulties, global developmental delay. Our client is non-verbal but communicates her basic needs and wants through her iPad.

Main duties:

To take our client out into the community and to do as many activities as she can cope with at that time.

She ideally needs 2:1 when out in the community during a hyperactive phase as she has no concept of danger, but 1:1 at other times.

Do cooking, swimming and even take her to places like Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park and Zoo, or the Safari Park. She enjoys boat rides, and she may want to take up horse riding.

Our client needs full 24 hour personal and general care.  This involves helping her to wash, dress and undress, cook and all activities really need hand over hand assistance.

These duties may vary from day-to-day.

Hours of work: Various - 5 - 20 hours per week available

Rate of pay: £12.30 per hours

Skills, qualifications & experience


  • Have experience of autism and special educational needs. An understanding of basic Makaton, and sensory needs would be desirable.
  • Kind and caring. 
  • A good sense of humour, a bubbly personality, and a willingness to interact with our client on her level (talking and singing to her).  Plenty of enthusiasm and energy.  Willingness to give our client their undivided attention.
  • Be familiar with communication devices or a willingness to learn.
  • Happy to do personal care (toileting & showering/washing for overnight stays).
  • Happy to administer oral medications.
  • Able to work on a 1:1 basis with our client, but also in conjunction with a 2nd carer to support our clients’ needs when in the community.
  • Full driving licence and access to a car.

Successful applicants will require DBS checks & employment references.

This role is funded by the Local Authority and is paid 4 weekly.

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