International Payroll

It’s a simple fact that many organisations nowadays recruit employees from all over the world. In today’s globalised economy, this brings many benefits to your business, but can lead to some complications in terms of administration. If, for example, you currently have no presence in a particular country but want to employ staff there, would you know where to start or how to go about it?

As a leading UK payroll provider, here at BBPS we offer specialist multinational payroll services across the UK for companies that do not yet have registered offices here but want to begin the recruitment process. Work with us to help establish your UK presence and make sure some of your most valuable resources are taken care of. We can deliver both centralised and local payroll services across the globe.

We manage payrolls internationally through our global coverage in over 120 countries. Our network provides services in every continent of the world, with the consistent quality of service that our reputation is built upon. We offer our customers an International Payroll Payments Solution to facilitate the payroll related payments owed to employees and third parties, thus allowing them to eliminate many of the common multi-country payment issues and problems which they may face when making international payments.

Our International Payroll Payments Solution enables us to provide customers with an assured and accurate process, which will enable them to pay their employees and third parties globally, irrespective of the currency and location of the recipient Bank Account.

There are enormous variations in the rules and regulations, the number and type of deductions, the data that needs to be reported and the frequency of payments.

We have Payroll Service suppliers in over 75 countries.

Our International Payroll Service

Keeping in- house specialists is impractical in countries with few employees and using multiple local providers means an inconsistent service with a lack of visibility from the centre. BBPS is your single global partner providing end-to-end payroll services. With BBPS you get the best of both worlds: local delivery that is centrally controlled. You can call upon local specialist expertise wherever you do business, all via a single point of contact. Through this one relationship we support you worldwide and provide a global payroll services.

Are you opening an office internationally?


Expanding into a foreign country is far more complex than many companies envisage at the outset. Consider trying to deal with many foreign payroll service providers and keeping up with foreign legal / HR requirements. Our international payroll solutions are scalable, and we would be delighted to help you regardless of the number of employees in each country.

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