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Direct Payments

Our Vision

Our vision is to support the nationwide expansion of the Direct Payments system and ensure clients requiring varying levels of support including individuals for whom the LA (Local Authority) has appointed a suitable person who can maintain full control over their own care.

Our Mission

As part of our culture, our mission is to meet each client’s bespoke needs by taking a person-centred approach, maintaining effective communication. We treat each client as an individual and assist their family in supporting them to make their own choices regarding their care package and their employment of Personal Assistants.

Goals & Objectives

Focusing on meeting the individual needs of each client, we continually aim to achieve a client satisfaction rating of 98%. We monitor client satisfaction on an ongoing basis by obtaining feedback and incorporating this into our service delivery.

Values & principals

Our vision, mission, goals and objectives are underpinned by the following values and principles:
Person-centred support and independence
Effective, prompt communication
Partnership working with third-party organisations, such as HMRC and National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)
Continuous service improvement
Ongoing workforce development
Direct Payments & Self Directed Support In line with the government agenda on personalisation and Self Directed Support, which allocates people with funding to manage on their own care, BBPS specialises in providing bespoke services for those people who require assistance in managing payments and payroll related matters where carers, family members or friends are employed as part of their support package. Barrie Bookkeeping & Payroll Solutions offer 5 comprehensive levels of Direct Payment payroll service & support.

As part of our personal, individual service, we will communicate with HMRC on your behalf, ensure that you will deal with the same person every time you contact Barrie Bookkeeping & Payroll Solutions, and can guarantee a same day service on processing of payroll information, so that your Personal Assistant gets paid on time, every time.

Account Types

We can manage and maintain client funds in a secure manner in order to relieve pressure from the service user.
Service level 1
Ensure that your Care Agency invoices are managed and paid for, in a timely manner, by using this support service.
Service level 2
The lowest level of payroll support, giving the client full control of their budget with minimal support. BBPS will make all the calculations and send all the payroll documents, but it is your responsibility to pay the wage to your PA and liabilities to HMRC.
Service level 3
With our level 3 support service is a split service where we will process all documentation, and upon receipt of funds will pay your NEST & HMRC liabilities. You are responsible for paying your PA.
Service level 4
With our level 4 support service we will process all documentation, and upon receipt of funds from yourself will pay your PA, NEST & HMRC liabilities. The client is still in control of their funds.
Service level 5
Our fully inclusive highest level of support, giving you access to our full employment support service. Included is complete budget management by ourselves, along with assistance with vacancy advertising and the provision of safe interview space, away from your home.

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