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Employment Support Service

Employment Support Services support Service Users to achieve their personal health and social care outcomes, we support and advise them in employing Personal Assistants (PAs) and arranging support from home care agencies. Providing an accessible, high-quality service through gaining a comprehensive understanding of Service Users’ bespoke requirements, we tailor our communication methods to reflect the exact needs of each Service User and their family. To understand each Service User’s bespoke communication needs, we record all information gathered during our initial engagement with the Service User and their family and any needs information we receive from the Authority. For example, due to their complex needs, a Service User may require communication through methods such as Makaton, a method of communicating through signs and symbols.

To incorporate Service Users’ bespoke requirements within our service, we record this information on each Service User’s Individual Transaction Report (ITR). We continually communicate through channels appropriate to each client’s particular requirements.

For example, to deliver the helpline service for a Service User who communicates using BSL (British Sign Language), we would work with the Service User and their network of social workers, families and advocates to establish the most appropriate communication channel. For this contract, this may include weekly telephone communication with the Service User’s care stakeholders and ad-hoc meetings with our London-based Associate.

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BBPS’s company ethos is to ensure that Service Users are getting value for money, as well as access to a variety of quality services.

Feedback from Service users has been very positive on the “local supplier” model. By working with our partners, who are local to the area, Service Users can have peace of mind that they are being provided for, by local companies.

Within our office, we have a phone system that records all calls that can be used for reference to any disputes or queries.

What’s included?

  • Provide employment contracts
  • Provide AE Pension Guidance
  • Advertise vacancies
  • Provide access to a PA register
  • Provide interview space & support
  • Access to legal advice through Premier
  • Access to CQC registered care agencies
  • Access to choices of service providers.
  • Advise Service User to undertake DBS checks
  • Facilitate DBS checks if required*

Employment Contracts

Within our payroll software package, we have a revolutionary new software package that enables you to create tailored, professional contracts of employment and staff handbook, that can be structured to fit the Service User’s needs. We can add our own text content to any contract, browse our library of sample additional contract content to cover every eventuality, customise the contract styles, fonts, page size and margins, print contracts or export to PDF when ready and record the contract date of signature. We can also minimise effort by copying the settings from other existing contracts.

Proposed partners in the local area

We have been providers of payroll management services within the area for the past 7 years, and have formed excellent business relationships, with a lot of local providers, who are CQC registered. We feel that this will give The Local Authority confidence in support, service & levels that are being provided by our partners.

DBS Checks

Due to the nature of some Service Users relationships with PA’s (close friends, relations, etc.), we would always recommend that the SU does the proper checks, but can only advise, not insist on these checks. This must be the SU’s choice. We would offer a range of 3 levels of check:

  • Standard Check
  • Enhanced Check
  • Enhanced check with a barred list check

All reports and documentation will be stored for the life of the contract, and a further 7 years.

We would also recommend that the Service User engages in employment reference checks, that will include last 2/3 years employment/education, with at least 1 previous employer/teacher that can be contacted for a personal referee.

Right to Work

To support Right First Time recruitment, we will provide advice and support for Service Users in obtaining all required Right to Work documents and evidence. This includes completing actions such as

  • Requesting evidence of Right to Work documents
  • Validating provided documents
  • Copying, recording and securely storing the documents

The following list shows examples of the documents we advise Service Users to accept as proof of Right to Work:

  • Current passport showing that the holder is a British/EU citizen, or has a right of abode in the United Kingdom
  • Current biometric immigration document
  • Full birth or adoption certificate
  • Certificate of naturalisation as a British Citizen

Legal Advice

Legal advice is available through the Service Users employers insurance (FISH or Premier Care) as part of the contract with the supplier. Both policies provide a wide range of benefits, including damage to property, Redundancy, Emergency recruitment costs, Legal Expenses. As part of BBPS management process, if any action on this cover was required, would support service user through the full process.

Employment Support

We have 4 CPD qualified employment law agents who can offer guidance on employment-related issues. We also have a sign-posting section on our website, that can direct service users to a range of services & suppliers (ACAS, HMRC, etc.).

A full level of support from our agents will also be on hand. We can provide a ‘light touch’ advisory service, where we provide supervision, advice and signposting in line with employment legislation while minimising contact with the Service User. We can also directly support Service Users to become employers through continual communication, providing ongoing guidance, reviews and checks.

Our main objective is to ensure that the Service User becomes a “good and compliant” employer.

What’s included with our Payroll Only Service;

  • Salaries
  • Auto Enrolment
  • HMRC Responsibilities
  • All Starters/Leavers processed
  • Statutory Pay
  • Redundancy Pay Calculations
  • Attachment Orders
  • Holiday Pay
  • Holiday Recording
  • Holiday Cover


As all of the above comes as a standard service and includes the set up of a payroll scheme, with HMRC, or transfer of current scheme from an existing provider.

With our agents’ authority, we are able to communicate with HMRC, on the service users or the suitable persons’ behalf, ensuring that they are not being “tied-up” with HMRC terminology & bureaucracy.

We also set up and process, as standard, a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme, with our provider of choice, which is National Employment Savings Trust (NEST). The reason that we use them, is that this is the most cost-efficient scheme & maximises the DP budget.

There are other providers out there, but the setup cost is greatly inflated. (people Pension £600 set up fee).

Our payroll systems are HMRC accredited, and RTi compliant, and the system is fully integrated with all major Pension providers, for ease of direct reporting, without having to use a 3rd party’s software.

As part of the service, we will complete a “Right to work” assessment, on potential staff. This check will include receiving original documents, including photographic ID (Driving License, ID Card, passport, etc.,), or a work permit or other approval to take employment from the Home Office. There will be a standard form that we will complete for each PA, that will be stored in the Service users file.

We also provide clarity & agreement on the responsibility of new employers, on what is required by law, and who is responsible for what. It would be made clear at the onset, that the Local Authority are only responsible for the issuing of Service Users funds. The responsibility of engaging 3rd parties lies with the Service User/suitable person & ourselves.

This, as a stand-alone service, is costed at £15 per month, for up to 4 employees.

Budget Management

The management of each client’s funds would be a full end to end service that includes the control of service users budgets, but BBPS will facilitate payment to necessary parties. This will include employees, HMRC, Auto Enrolment pension provider, external care agencies, insurance companies, etc.

BBPS would work out of one specifically allocated account within our banking portal, that only the specified Council’s funds, would be paid into, and all payments to suppliers would come from this account, referenced with SU’s name, and suppliers reference.

To individualize accounts, we offer an Individual Transaction Report (ITR), essentially a balance sheet, for each service user, that they can access through our secure website portal, 24/7/365. This will reflect a real-time situation on the Service User’s account. For service users who do not have the capability or access, to use the internet, upon request we would issue a paper copy of the ITR, sent by post, same working day.

Service Users or their suitable person can gain access to our secure portal, by registration only, where they can access & view all documents that have been processed.

The benefit to the local authority of this system is that if a Service User passes on, or has a serious change of circumstance, remaining funds allocated can be returned to the Local Authority, on the same day, rather than having to wait on Probate to release funds from Service User’s personal account. This system will also provide a clearer audit trail on funds, which in turn will be a time saver for Local Authorities.

This service comes as part & parcel of the service, and has no additional set-up costs, or annual fees, unlike other providers.

Suitable Person or Nominee

Direct Payments can now be made to a “Suitable Person” or a “Nominee” who receives and manages the payments on behalf of the Service User, who lacks capacity, or who has the capacity to consent to direct payments but is unwilling or unable to manage payments. (The Service Users capacity for something is their ability to do it, or the amount of it that the service User is able to do.) It must first be established on whether or not the Service User has the capacity to consent to direct payments, under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, before a ‘Suitable Person’ or ‘Nominee’ is appointed.

A Suitable Person is someone who is appropriate to act on behalf of a Service User in the context of receiving a direct payment & arranging services to meet the needs of the Service User, as defined in their support plan. A suitable Person can be a family member or a close friend already involved in the provision for care for the individual concerned.

A nominee is someone who is an official representative with a lasting power of attorney (LPA) for ‘Property and Affairs’ or ‘Personal Welfare’. A nominee can also be someone who is an official representative with a registered enduring power attorney (EPA), or with a court of protection deputyship. A nominee can be a support worker from a third-party agency or a social worker.

Safeguarding & Contingency

As part of the service provided, we would aim to ensure that the Service User would not be at risk, either physically, mentally or financially. Our trained staff are able to pick up on changes in outlook, conversation or general differences with service users. If any of the mentioned above was to flag up, we would initially contact someone within the Local Authority, to raise the concern. Failing this we would advise the Police or another governing body.

We would issue quarterly based feedback monitoring forms to clients using the service, to include and to ensure that BBPS are meeting the needs of the service user, as well as monitoring the service provided by 3rd party agencies. Any under par marks would be investigated further, and if necessary, we would monitor the supplier to check for improvements in the next quarter. If failing this we would then need to remove that supplier from our list.

Service Users with only 1 PA, will need to have a back up plan, where if that if their PA, say, falls ill & can’t attend on a day, the SU must have in place an immediate network (family member/support group member) who can step in at the last minute, to provide the cover required. Failing this, BBPS will work closely with outside, CQC approved care agencies, that can provide last-minute cover. The payment of this ad-hoc cover will have to come from the service users budget contingency. A selection of agencies is noted below, although this will be trimmed to meet the LA’s approval.

The risk level is reduced with the greater number of PA’s that you have, as you would expect that, for example, if a service user had 4 PA ’s, that the remaining 3 would be willing to cover the absentee’s hours. This would still probably work out a cheaper option, for the service user, rather than employing the services of a 3rd party agency.

Should the Service User be needing to employ a PA, directly, BBPS have a database of non-DBS checked potential PA’s, that we would select a selection of applicants, that suit the SU’s needs, and provide a safe-place away from the SU’s home, where they can be interviewed. This space would be within the confines of one of our partners, within the locality of the SU’s home address.

Any emergency plan agreement with 3rd party agencies would be between BBPS & the care agency, to which we will have a contract drafted up, that removes any liability from the Local Authority. Included within the contract would be a written notice period required, of 2 months, of any rate increase from the agency. If we do not receive the notice, we continue to pay the agreed rate until the 2 month period has been reached.

As this service may be an emergency, as part of the contingency plan, BBPS would recommend keeping 10% of the service users budget in order to cover the cost of this expectation. Any unspent contingency would then be returned to the LA at the end of the financial year.

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