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Metropolitan Borough of Wigan Council


Direct Payments

Barrie Bookkeeping and Payroll Solutions Limited works in partnership with Metropolitan Borough of Wigan Council to support children and adults who receive Direct Payments to get the most out of their care budget and achieve their care goals.

Our support may include (depending on the service level best suited to the client):

  • Support to employ a Personal Assistant (PA).
  • Guidance on all aspects of being a good employer including legal obligations and responsibilities.
  • Support when choosing and using a care agency.
  • Helping the client with money management and keeping accurate records.
  • Payroll services
  • Fully managed accounts

For more information on our services, please contact us on the detail above.


If someone you know in your local area is being abused or you suspect they might be, please contact the Safeguarding Team at Fife Council. The Local Authority would rather this be reported so that an investigation can be conducted. It is always better to be safe.

For adult safeguarding information, please follow the link below.
Report abuse/neglect of a vulnerable adult (

For children safeguarding information, please follow the link below.
Wigan Safeguarding Childrens Board - Homepage (

Corporate Appointeeship

This service is for individuals receiving DWP benefits but deemed unable to manage their finances appropriately.

The reasons for this may be.

  • Physical disability
  • Financial exploitation
  • Gambling issues
  • Drug and/or alcohol misuse
  • Mental health condition(s)
  • Social work input (in the best interests of the client)

The benefits of having a Corporate Appointeeship may include;

  • Bills paid on time
  • BBPS will ensure all benefit entitlements are applied for
  • Debts paid via timely set up
  • Ability to save funds
  • Attend meetings on the clients behalf

Click here to find out about our Corporate Appointeeship services.

Contact Us

Suite 1, Airlie House,
Pentland Park,
KY6 2AG.

Telephone: 01592 756713
Email (Direct Payment):
Email (Appointeeship):


Payroll Director
Lisa Ceglarek
Payroll Administrator
Sandra Pullen
Invoicing Administrator
Moira Shepherd
Appointeeship Administrator
Lisa McLean
Office Administrator
Kathryn Allan
Employment Support Officer
Kelly Wherton
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